The Software-Defined Stack | E I

Welcome to the Software-Define Stack Series, this will be an extensive series, exploring the software-defined aspects behind OpenStack and digging deeper into the structure of OpenStack and its internal anatomy.

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NSX Morning Capsule

I have recently had the chance to do some reading on VMware NSX. I come from a networking background Intertwined with software, previously I have had a chance to research on some of the underpinnings of NSX but never had the time to look at the big picture, so in this writing, I am going to briefly describe the NSX architecture.

What is NSX?

NSX is VMWare virtual networking on steroids.

There are several components that constitute the NSX Architecture. The reason why I believe that NSX is a true Software Defined architecture is the clean decoupling and separation of its components.

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ACI Policy-based SDN [Morning Capsule]

IT Manager, Ops, and network administrators suffer today from the complex approaches being followed towards network operations which gives no space for innovation. Additionally, the current box-by-box approaches for configuration and provision can be cumbersome and lack agility to turn up new services quickly to meet demands and Service-Level Agreements (SLA) of internal customers. Adopting a new approach towards network automation is key to addressing these challenges, by automating network operation not only do we reduce operational and management expenses but we also provide investment protection as we adopt the application economy (a software approach that grows much faster). Continue reading