The Software-Defined Stack | E I

Welcome to the Software-Define Stack Series, this will be an extensive series, exploring the software-defined aspects behind OpenStack and digging deeper into the structure of OpenStack and its internal anatomy.

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vRealize Automation Capsule


Okay, so recently I have had the chance to play around with vRealize Automation (vRA). Therefore, I am using this chance to share with you the outcomes of this interesting endeavor of mine. I have formulated this article to be in the form of questions and answers, so feel free to jump around to any question you feel like you want an answer to. The questions are:

  • What are the core components of vRA?
  • What are the logical components of vRA?
  • What are the important roles supported in vRA?
  • What are the steps for basic configuration of vRA?
  • What is vRealize Application Services?
  • What are the other topics that I didn’t discuss in this capsule?

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CloudArray: A Seamless Portal to the Cloud

What is EMC CloudArray?

The formal definition for CloudArray is:

“EMC-Cloud Array is a data storage software technology that easily integrates cloud (object) storage into traditional enterprise IT environments”

I am not sure if the definition really reflects what CloudArray does, CloudArray can be considered as a Cloud-Gateway, the reason I think of it this way is because it acts as a middle-man between Applications that talk standard SAN/NAS protocols (iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, and SMB) and public or private cloud providers (e.g., Amazon EC2, OpenStack, ECS, Atmos, Google Cloud, etc.) where most of them are Object-storage based.  CloudArray presents Object storage as local-disks to your hosts and applications.
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NSX Morning Capsule

I have recently had the chance to do some reading on VMware NSX. I come from a networking background Intertwined with software, previously I have had a chance to research on some of the underpinnings of NSX but never had the time to look at the big picture, so in this writing, I am going to briefly describe the NSX architecture.

What is NSX?

NSX is VMWare virtual networking on steroids.

There are several components that constitute the NSX Architecture. The reason why I believe that NSX is a true Software Defined architecture is the clean decoupling and separation of its components.

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