What is the difference between Layer 3 Routing, Layer 3 Switching, and Multi-layer switching ?!

Okay, the difference between a layer 3 router,  switch and a multilayer switch seems to confuse alot of networkers, so I decided to write this to briefly explain in a nutshell the main between both.
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Anatomy of a MAC address, BPDU, BID, and the 802.1q Ethernet frame Tag !!

As a network engineer you must have skimmed through millions of acronyms and abbreviations like MAC, IP, FTP, ….. and so on, they are un-countable :D. Sometimes these abbreviations mix them into a cocktail in my head, so Today I thought of re-visiting some of these abbreviations and concepts that I consider fairly important if you are considering to understand switching. So let’s start of by defining each one of these abbreviations.
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