Since you are here, I would like to welcome you in my humble kingdom.


This blog is a successor of another one I started in 2010 on blogger (http://adelzalok.blogspot.com/), I named it “A Networker Diary”, I named it like that because I thought of documenting everything I learned during the day, more like a personal diary. I then moved it to wordpress in 2011, I moved most of the posts here (that’s why you will find alot of inconsistencies). For some reason, I stopped writing for a while and I was flapping back and forth but my desire to write was not as before so I called for a pause.

Right now I decided to come back, I have learned alot in the past three years, I have been through some tough situations (which are over thankfully), and I want to start contributing again. In this blog, I will be concentrating more on topics like “Network Virtualization” and “SDN”.

The blog as it is right now contains pages named as SDN1.0, SDN2.0 and NFV. In SDN1.0 you will find some of my old posts that I wrote on docs and ported them here recently, I speak mostly about OpenFlow, the general idea and the history of OpenFlow SDN. In SDN2.0, I will be talking more about policy-based networking, overlay networking, and all the post SDN1.0 trends that people categorize as SDN. Finally, in NFV I will be concentrating on topics such as cloud networking and “x”_stack technologies.

I hope you stick around, and let me know if you have any questions ;).



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