About Adel

Hi there,

So you want to know who am I?  Alright, let me try to make it brief and simple :D.

I am Adel, a down-to-earth(ehmm) geek. In general. I am interested in all kinds of stuff, but what really interests me is networks and code. I have started off as a network engineering student, but I thought that was not enough, I mean there are countless number of people out there who know about networking. So I thought to my self, how about switching major and finding what I really like, and here I go traveling to “Far Far Away” land to study software engineering and all. Unfortunately, I was not completely into Software Engineering  on its own (I mean I like code, but applications matter)  so I always had to put networks somewhere in any project I did (I guess it is an addiction xD), it was what motivated me.

I like talking, blogging, contributing about technology specially these concerned with Software + Networking, you might be guessing SDN by now, so you are right. But hey, that’s not all, I also like all sorts of related technologies including NFV, NV, etc (you name it). It  is becoming an infinite list :D.

Blogging seems to keep me the on right track, so I have decided recently to revive my old blog and restart. I hope you find what I write here at least somehow relevant to your interests (I don’t want to bore you).

Apart from the nerdy stuff, I tend to fight with swords, throw arrows with bows, swim the seven seas, and move a ball (or a feather-like ball) between two sides of a court (i.e., ping-pong and badminton). Some of these hobbies were a result of a long lasting obsession with LOTR xD

Sword Anduril Archery logalas


If you still haven’t had enough of my bla-bla, you can find more about me in: de.linkedin.com/in/adelzaalouk.

May the odds be in your favor, and thanks for visiting!!

Adel Zaalouk



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